"Plaque Sponsors"


We are very grateful to the following individuals, businesses, and organizations that have

sponsored our new luxury high-back rockingchairs. Those listed below have donated a

significant amount toward our betterment of the Theater earning them a plaque on the

back of one of the chairs. Their support has made it possible for us to improve the theater

for everyone's movie-going enjoyment. We at the Princess have been blessed with very

loyal customers and supporters over the past ten years. We look forward to entertaining

Mayfield and the surrounding communities and providing community service, which has

been part of our mission statement since beginning the Princess ten years ago.


Thank You,

Joe M. Smith and Staff

Princess Theaters of Mayfield

Phillip & Ludean Smith


"In Memory of

Clint G. Smith"

"In Memory of 

James A. Matheny"


Mayfield Lawn & Garden


"Mayfield Lawn & Garden

Jonathan Burgess"


SS Auto Sales

"SS Auto Sales



Scott Toon


"Scott Toon"

"Dana Toon"



Terry & Melanie Thomas


"In Memory of

Kim & Eli"

"Daniel Jackson"

"Terry & Melanie


"Liquid Services"

"His House


"U.S. Military

Soldiers & Veterans"


Wally & Judy Higdon


"In Memory of 

Elizabeth Carter"

"In Memory of

Geneva Denham"


Rick Nolan


"Emma, Rick, &

Brandy Nolan"


Steve Williams


"Steve and Stacy Williams

Mayfield, Ky"


Leah Keeling


"In Memory of 

Rodney Keeling"(3 chairs)


McAdoo Chiropractic Ctr.


"Ashlyn E. McAdoo"

"Keaton D. McAdoo"


Cynthia Riggs


"In Loving Memory of

Justin Green"


Beverly I. Benifield


"Beverly I. Benifield



Western Kentucky Pawn (Stu Wyatt)


"Western Kentucky Pawn" (2 chairs)


Purchase Ford


"Purchase Ford Lincoln Inc.

Your Road to a Great Deal"


Leah Keeling


"In Memory of

Sydney Erwin" (2 chairs)


Larry & Rhonda Crouch


"Larry & Rhonda



Rebecca Peebles





Sandra Simmons


"Sandra Simmons

Mayfield, Ky 42066"


Barbara Youngblood


"Sherrif Burl Youngblood

Love You Granddaddy, Shawn"


Debby Nall


"In Honor of 

Martin Hodges"


ADS Security


"ADS Security

Relax and Enjoy" (Row of 6 chairs)


Karen Jones


"Omni Visions Inc.

Become a Foster Parent" (2 chairs)


Bobby E. Chalker


"Bobby E. Chalker Employee

of Princess Theater 1960"


Jan Lowrey


"Daisy Dowdy"


FNB Bank (Brooke Wiles Marketing)


"FNB Bank

Employees" (Row of 6 chairs)


Mary White & Sharon Jones


"John 3:16"


Kathy Belt


"In Honor of

Melvin Yates"


John Sullivan


"Sullivan's Electric L.L.C.

Christ is Our CEO"


Girl Scout Troop 142


"Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana

Troop 142 Wingo, Ky"


Ray & Jan Schorr


"Ray & Jan



Patricia Greaver


"In Memory of

Sharon Greaver Foster"


Deb & Gayle Neal


"In Memory of 

Wickliffe B. Neal"


Marsha Leonard


"In Memory of 

Joann Leonard"

Rexie Jackson

"In Loving Memory of

George Thomas Jackson"

"The Bridges - Jennifer,

Adam, Libby & Luke'

"The Jackson "5"

And Kim and Kenya"

"G. I. & Rexie Jackson"

Scott Marlow

"Get paid to take surveys


Cindy White

"Papa Jim Walsh

James Edward Travers"

"Natasha Slinkard

Caylee Slinkard"

"Austyn Gottinger

Hunter Bavlin"

"Danyelle Huffman"

"Cindy White"

"Rick Travers"

Jeff Wyatt

"In Memory Of

Dorris Hutchens"

Dave and Kathy Randall

"Kathryn Randall"

"David Randall"

"Jessica Randall"

"Rebecca Randall"

"Isaac Joe Smith"

"Betty Lou Smith"

Tommy Scott

"Tommy Scott"

"Susie Scott"

Joe Matus

"Pam Thompson"

"Joe Matus"